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Single video entry to multi-apartment video entry and automatic door release
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How does a monitored alarm work?
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Every home deserves the protection of a dependable alarm system, this is why we use Honeywell products which are guaranteed to provide a reliable and sophisticated security package.
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Our intruder alarms utilise the very latest technology and meet all current British and European standards DD243:2004, pr/EN50131, & PD6662. Our monitored burglar alarms are connected to our central monitoring station who will supervise the system and in the event of alarm activations will promptly call your nominated keyholders.

Our burglar alarms are registered for a priority 1 police response and your system will be regularly maintained and serviced in accordance with police ACPO security systems policy, 24 hr support is also available as well as a fix/ replace it guarantee in the event of equipment malfunction.

We also install Redcare and Dualcom alarms which provide secondary phone line protection in the event a phone line is cut, these systems are ideal for business alarms required to meet insurers specifications.

If you require a 'bells only' alarm system we are able to provide these also, with the option of adding speech-diallers to notify you of an alarm notification.
Burglar alarms make intruders think twice, as well as being a deterrent, an alarm will also alert others to the burglary either by the noise of the siren or the signals sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Monitored Alarms are the most effective systems on the market, often neighbours may ignore an audible only system, but with a monitored alarm connected to an alarm receiving centre the keyholders and emergency services (for confirmed activations) are contacted on your behalf. Bells Only alarms are rarely suitable for commercial premises and monitored alarms are usually a requirement of insurance companies.

We are happy to advise you on a suitable system tailored to the needs of your business. We also supply and install CCTV systems which provide high definition images which are recorded onto a digital video recorder which can be accessed remotely.
CCTV is also a proven deterrent for burglary and theft which can cause great expense and inconvenience to businesses. All our CCTV packages have been carefully designed to give optimum coverage and day/ night vision. All events will be recorded onto the DVR (digital video recorder) and stored onto the hard drive. All DVR's can be backed up easily using a USB memory stick.

We use a minimum 500 Gig hard drive which will store on average 3-6 weeks of footage. Our cameras all have minimum of 20 metre IR range and with Dual glass technology as standard to prevent IR LED fogging.

Robust CCTV Cameras with weatherproof and vandal resistant solid aluminium construction. Our new CCTV 4 CAMERA PRO system comes with excellent high quality resolution 1/3ins SONY 650 TVL cameras with 30 metres of Infra Red to aid night vision.

You can view your cameras when you are on holiday using your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection, your DVR will be password protected for security.
Our door access, intercoms and video door entry systems are designed around your individual requirements. Our systems range from simple single-door access control systems for a retail store or house, to multi-apartment video entry systems with automatic door release and multi-site access control systems.

Our systems include enhanced audio sound, high quality day and night cameras, the ability to record images of visitors and are robust in design.

Advantages of Door Access systems include:
  • Deterrence, detection and recording of entry into and out of premises.
  • Improvement of workplace safety.
  • Ability to see and talk to visitors before allowing entry.
  • Images of visitors recorded throughout the day.
How does a monitored alarm work?
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What about Pets?
Pet immune sensors that can distinguish between humans and pets are now available at no extra charge. They are only recommended for use with small pets up to 20-30 kilos.

What are keyholders?
The police require that a person with a monitored alarm provides the names and contact details of at least 2 people, who live within 20 minutes travelling time of the alarmed property, to act as keyholders. A keyholder will be called by the ARC to inform them of alarm activation, the type of alarm (Intruder, Fire or Personal Attack) and whether the police or fire brigade have been called.

Keyholders may need to go to the property asap, if the Police or Fire Brigade have been called, keyholders should wait for them to arrive. They should not put themselves at risk or enter the property if the police or fire services are attending, until they are told it is safe to do so.

What information do keyholders need to know?
  • The correct entry/exit route
  • How to unlock the property
  • Where the alarm panel, keypad and proximity reader are located
  • How to set and unset the alarm
  • The System Code. This can be their own code if it is easier to remember
  • The password for the alarm or their own Verification Number to identify them when on the property
  • The telephone number of the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • The telephone number of our Service & Support, to request an engineer
  • How to contact the homeowner
  • Where the log book is kept
  • How to reset the alarm
  • How to lock up again
How long does installation take?
We are usually able to install within 7 days of receiving an order. A typical wire free alarm installation (up to 8 zones) usually take between 4-6 hours, please allow longer for hard wired systems. Our engineers will arrive between 8-9 am on the day of installation. Larger systems may take a second day, you will be advised of this prior to installation.

How long is my alarm guaranteed for?
Each system comes with a standard 12 months product warranty following installation which includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship.

Are wireless alarms any good?
Wireless DIY and unreliable burglar alarms can be prone to false alarms. We use the latest Honeywell equipment which is known for its reliability and simplicity and comes well recommended. Your system will be professionally installed, compliant with the latest British & European standards and far more sophisticated than those available in DIY stores.
*Subject to a monitoring & maintenance agreement starting at £19 p/m (residential) and £24 p/m + VAT (Business) for a minimum of 24 months.
* A police registration fee of £52.18 applies to register your system with your local police authority
Installation charges apply- please call for details.
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